The Complete Guide to Bariatric Care

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The Complete Guide to Bariatric Care – Furniture You Should Consider

When you’re treating bariatric patients, you need to ensure that your equipment and furniture can cater to their needs in order to give them the best care possible. 

As Australia’s leading supplier of medical equipment and consumables, we can provide tailored recommendations to ensure you have the right bariatric furniture to meet your hospital or medical facility needs.

Here, we list all the different types of bariatric furniture that you should consider in your hospital.

Bariatric wheelchairs

Carefully designed and precision manufactured, the Midmed collection of bariatric wheelchairs delivers the features needed to accommodate patients of all sizes, providing them with increased comfort, security and autonomy. Much bigger than a standard wheelchair, the seats and backrest can be tilted to provide support where it’s needed. In addition to providing mobility, a bariatric wheelchair helps reposition the patient while reducing the risk of pressure injuries, improving their overall comfort. Most importantly, it enables the patient to socialise without remaining in bed. This is excellent for patients’ mental health.

Bariatric chairs

There are two types of bariatric chairs to consider. The first option to consider is how your fixed seating – in your reception, your waiting rooms and all other public-facing areas of your facility – accommodate bariatric patients. Adding generic bariatric seating can go a long way to supporting the care of these patients. Then there are specialised bariatric chairs for patient rooms. Both of these styles should have a shallow seat design, which will prevent guests from sinking down into the chair, as well as allowing them to get out of it effortlessly.

You should also look for bariatric chairs that feature armrests. These can be very helpful in assisting your bariatric patients get up and out of the chair.

Bariatric shower chairs

For certain patients with excessive weight and limited mobility, showering can be challenging. Bariatric shower chairs are designed to accommodate bariatric weight, feature non-slip rubber feet, and can come with or without a backrest and armrest. To prevent dangerous falls and to protect the comfort of the patient, it is vital that when selecting a bariatric shower chair to choose one that is stable on a variety of surfaces, allowing the patient to shower with confidence. 

Bariatric beds

Featuring a higher weight capacity than standard beds, bariatric models can safely accommodate larger individuals in hospitals as well as clinics, rehab centres or even in the home. They are designed to keep patients comfortable while sleeping as well as help caretakers, nurses and guardians provide safe and effective care. With robust frames, your patients will feel secure as they enter and exit the bed.

Bariatric air mattresses

When it comes to your patients, comfort and safety is of utmost importance. Bariatric air mattresses take these two factors into consideration, providing patients with a system of pressure sensors to reduce pressure injuries. The high strength air cushions also ensures a comfortable rehabilitation process. You can find bariatric air mattresses that include a quiet, portable and user-friendly control unit for extra support and relief. They can be used in conjunction with our selection of bariatric beds.

Find high quality bariatric furniture at Midmed

For high quality hospital furniture in Australia, contact Midmed. Our bariatric patient beds, wheelchairs, air mattresses and chairs are made from the highest quality materials, and are designed to extend safety, comfort and dignity to your oversized patients.

With over 25 years of experience in providing medical equipment to the healthcare industry, Midmed can assist you in finding the right bariatric furniture solutions for your patients.

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