Hospital Chairs Brisbane

Hospital Chairs Brisbane

At Midmed, we’re trusted by medical institutions all over the country to supply hospitals, doctors offices, private clinics and other organisations with medical furniture, equipment, consumable supplies and more. This includes a comprehensive range of hospital chairs distributed from our main operations based in Brisbane and provided to healthcare facilities nationwide. The versatility available in our range of hospital chairs and furniture prioritises comfort, safety, and reduced risk that elevates  patient, staff and carer experiences throughout their time spent in the healthcare setting. 

Though they may seem like simple pieces of furniture, hospital chairs play a crucial role in healthcare, serving as essential equipment for medical staff, patients, and their families. These specifically designed chairs ensure that patients are comfortably seated and well supported during examinations, treatments, or recovery, and are safe and easy to operate by those involved in the care and transport of patients, contributing to better all around  outcomes. At Midmed, we recognise the significance of offering superior-quality hospital chairs that meet the high demands of medical facilities.

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Midmed’s extensive selection of hospital chairs Brisbane caters to various needs, ensuring that healthcare facilities can find the perfect fit for their unique requirements. Our professional staff are always ready to take any questions you may have about our products.

Treatment Chairs

Designed for comfort and adjustability, treatment chairs provide optimal support during medical procedures, infusion therapies, and dialysis sessions. They come equipped with ergonomic features and functionality to promote optimal positioning for both the patient and clinician.

Recovery Chairs

Specially crafted for post-operative care, recovery chairs offer support and ease discomfort during the recuperation phase. Their adjustable features accommodate different patient preferences, encouraging a stress-free recovery process.

Examination Chairs

Ideal for clinical examinations and minor procedures, examination chairs offer stability and comfort for patients while allowing healthcare professionals easy access to perform medical assessments.

Bariatric Chairs

Our bariatric chairs are designed to accommodate patients with higher weight capacities, ensuring their comfort and safety during medical procedures.

Transport Chairs

These versatile chairs provide a safe and efficient means of moving patients within the healthcare facility. Ergonomically designed for comfort and safety and engineered using highest quality materials and workmanship, the lightweight yet sturdy construction is built to last the test of time. Patient transport chairs including Swifi and Tweegy evolve with your patients’ needs, and are manufactured to allow easy access to patients and effortless handling for the caregiver.

Hospital Recliners

Hospital recliners provide comfort and support for both patients and their families, enabling patients to recover between bed and chair based on their preferred option, and allowing families to rest next to their loved one during their hospitalisation. Used widely throughout the hospital for both patient and family needs, hospital recliners will often be located at the patient bedside, patient transition areas, or in visitor waiting rooms. Common uses of recliners within the healthcare setting include overnight visitor stays e.g. parents with their child in paediatric wards, or a husband with his wife in maternity before and after labour and delivery.

All of these quality hospital chairs Brisbane has to offer are available online – simply add these products to your quote list. Once you submit this list, we will return with a quote for your hospital equipment, making future orders easy.

Midmed Provides Trusted Service

Founded in Queensland, Midmed is an Australian, family-owned medical equipment supplier. We are one of Australia’s leading medical suppliers of hospital equipment and consumables with over 25 years of experience in the industry.
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