Our comprehensive range of bariatric equipment includes lifters, commodes, walkers, treatment tables, beds, chairs and more. Our products are designed to provide bariatric patients with comfort and support and to provide carers with safe, efficient and convenient methods of providing patient care.

Our specially designed bariatric equipment greatly reduces the risk of injury for both patients and carers, which is essential if you are to be safely treating and/or caring for obese patients. Our bariatric products are made with high quality, strong materials, and have weight capabilities of up to 455 kgs (dependant on product).

All of our bariatric equipment is designed with dignity, comfort, support, independence and convenience in mind.

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  • BEAR Pod


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  • sizewise-bariatric-commode

    Bari Shower Commode

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  • Drop-Arm-Commode

    Bariatric Drop Arm Commode

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  • BEAR

    Bariatric Equalising Abdominal Restraints (BEAR)

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  • Bari-Lifter

    Bariatric Lifter

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  • Bari-Walker

    Bariatric Walker

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