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Bleeding Control - Wound Care Products

Midmed supplies first responders, military personnel and medical professionals, with the safest and most well-trusted brands in wound care products to aid in the hemorrhaging of wounds. We have a selection of hemostatic wound care product options from QuikClot® that promote the quick healing of traumatic wounds. The QuikClot® range has withstood rigorous testing from the US Military, which has proved it to be the safest and most effective hemostatic agent on the market. Our range of wound care products includes gauze, dressing bandages, compression bandages and wound dressings. They are designed to stop bleeding fast and are easy to apply. They are also fast and clean for removal in post-trauma environments. Some of the QuikCare range’s special features include:
  • Active clotting agent of kaolin
  • Quickly conforms to wounds
  • Stops bleeding within seconds
  • Extreme durability
  • No human or animal proteins
  • No thrombin, fibrinogen or shellfish by-products
Impressive as they are, these features only scratch the surface of the QuikClot range’s capabilities - and that’s why they’re the best hemostatic medical bandages available today. We also stock wound care products from H&H, offering an alternative range to consider. These are also designed for first responders, military, and law enforcement. They provide a fast and effective tool for all kinds of serious traumas and injuries involving arterial bleeding. Enhance your wound care and stop wounds from bleeding quicker than ever before with Midmed. Get started by browsing our collection.

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