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Hospital Grade Breast Pumps

Midmed supplies hospital grade breast pumps from Ameda, one of the world’s safest and most popular brands on the market.

Ameda Australia is one of the few companies that is WHO code compliant in the breastfeeding solutions category. Not all major breastfeeding products manufacturing companies abide by this voluntary determination of standards.

While they have a diverse range of breast pumps to support nursing mothers in their breastfeeding journey, Ameda has a strong belief in breastfeeding first, in support of the World Health Organisation’s breastfeeding guidelines — with breast pumps to be used as a nursing auxiliary if needed.

Trusted by hospitals and loved by mums, Ameda develops personal breast pumps that are convenient and portable so that you can pump for medical or support reasons, at home or on the go. With state-of-the-art technology, sleek award-winning design and unparalleled ease of use, it’s easy to see why they are the number one choice for medical professionals and patients alike.

Ameda’s range stand out for their unique combination of features, including:

  • Proven Airlock Protection™
  • HygieniKit® Milk Collection System
  • CustomFit Flange System™
  • CustomControl™ suction with 32 settings
  • Sleek, durable and lightweight design
  • BPA and DEHP free
  • 12-24 month warranty
  • Industry Leading Safety and Design

Our range includes both electric and manual systems. Most importantly, Ameda’s products are supported by clinical evidence that has set the industry standard in pumping efficiency. With the diffusion of their advanced technology into breakthrough products, Ameda lets mothers take hospital technology into their homes.

Ameda’s HygieniKit® Milk Collection System, which features Proven Airlock Protection™, is the world’s only FDA-cleared protective viral barrier that helps protect breast milk from potential bacterial growth due to condensation, moisture and mould. This means there is no need to clean the tubing as it remains dry, simplifying pump use and care. Altogether this ensures a comfortable flow without compromising safety.

Electric Breast Pumps

Ameda’s electric breast pumps are the most adaptable breastfeeding products available. With vastly customisable features, they provide unrivalled convenience for all mothers. Features like CustomControl™ suction allow you to adjust between 32 settings, offering optimal flexibility. The CustomFit Flange System™ adapts flange size quickly and allows for the comfort of a perfect fit and easy milk flow.

Sophisticated extra features include:

  • Unique Built-in Battery Compartment
  • Handy Manual Pump Adapter
  • 2 Extra Valves for HygieniKit®
  • Drawstring Accessory Bag

Ameda’s electric breast pumps include the Ameda Platinum® Breast Pump designed for healthcare facilities. It has been clinically proven to help exclusively pumping mothers of preterm infants achieve full milk production and you can read the study here. We also have the Elite Closed-System Pump, and Mya Pump for mothers on the move.

With their complete customisability and clever design, Ameda’s electric breast pumps are the industry leader.

Manual Breast Pumps

Designed for mothers who only need to pump their breast milk once a day, Ameda’s award-winning Ameda Manual Pump Kits are economical, compact and easy to use.

An easy fit in your purse or handbag, they allow you to quickly pump milk directly into compact storable bottles. Ameda’s unique Flexishield Areola Stimulator also makes milk flow more effortless than ever, and by varying the pump’s handle squeezes, you can speed up the process even more. All Ameda’s HygieniKit® Milk Collection Systems are compatible.

Winner of Design Zentrum Nordrhein-Westfalen Germany’s High-Design Innovation Quality Award, these manual pumps are the best option for experienced breastfeeding mothers. You can trust Ameda to deliver unrivalled convenience and certified effectiveness in one small package.