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Bristol Maid: A Legacy Of Quality Healthcare Equipment

At Midmed, we’re proud to partner with leading brands that share our commitment to excellence in healthcare. Bristol Maid, a renowned manufacturer of medical furniture and equipment, embodies this dedication with a rich heritage and a constant focus on innovation.

A History of Excellent Products

Bristol Maid’s story began over 60 years ago, driven by a passion for improving healthcare environments. Their unwavering commitment to quality has earned them a reputation for reliable and durable medical equipment trusted by professionals worldwide. Bristol Maid offers a comprehensive range of solutions to optimise healthcare settings.  

Trolleys And Carts

From manoeuvrable caretray trolleys to specialised procedure carts, Bristol Maid trolleys provide options for efficient storage and transportation of medical supplies.

Examination/Treatment Chairs

Enhance patient comfort and facilitate examinations with Bristol Maid’s comfortable and functional treatment couches and chairs.

Baby Cribs

Bristol Maid also offers high-quality, fixed-height and variable-height hospital cribs for safe and comfortable care of newborns.

Explore Our Range

At Midmed, we are proud to carry Bristol Maid products. We offer a selection of their high-quality medical equipment, ensuring you find the ideal solution for your specific needs. Our knowledgeable team can help you choose the right Bristol Maid equipment to optimise your healthcare environment. Elevate your healthcare environment with the enduring quality and innovative solutions of Bristol Maid.

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