Invasive ventilation saves lives. When respiratory failure strikes, it’s the most effective way to restore patients’ airways and return them to the highest possible level of respiratory function. As studies confirm, people are frequently admitted to the intensive care unit so they can have access to invasive and non-invasive ventilation.

Midmed stocks AquaVENT® invasive and non-invasive ventilation circuits, which both redirect mechanical ventilation technology’s focus towards optimal, accurate humidification. Without the right level of humidification, ventilators can become disruptive, overworking patients’ breathing, and causing them to become dehydrated – and this causes more harm than good.

These products also address important problems associated with hygiene and microbial buildup. With their BioCote® Antimicrobial Silver Technology, the AquaVENT systems disperse inorganic silver ion particles that provide a protective layer, and prevent dangerous and infectious microbes from forming on the surface of the breathing circuit.

The chamber design of the AquaVENT invasive ventilator ensures that optimal gas humidification can take place constantly. Refilling automatically, it produces a level of humidity close to the ideal level of 44mg/H2O.L, and is cross-compatible with many other common heater humidifiers. The AquaVENT non-invasive ventilator is available in a variety of models, and carries the same amount of extraordinary capabilities as its invasive equivalent.

With these ventilators and a range of other accessories available, Midmed have your invasive ventilation and airway needs well and truly covered.

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