Disaster Management

Midmed supplies first responders, military personnel, regional and metropolitan, with the safest and most well trusted brands in wound care to aid in the hemorrhaging of wounds. Our specialisation in disaster management consists of partnering with groundbreaking US leaders in the hemorrhage control category, working closely with customers to develop innovative products and solutions. With a relentless concentration on smart growth and ongoing product development, we are a company focused on hemorrhage control for healthcare providers, military personnel, first responders and consumers around the world.” The design of such bandages are designed to stop bleeding fast and easy to apply. They are also fast and clean for removal in post trauma environments.

When in the moment of treating a patient whether on the scene, in the hospital or in the clinic, there is now a quick and easy way to keep track of your patient’s belongings. Using SMARTSafe™ bags as a quick and easy way to transport all their belongings from ambulance to hospital, and from ward to ward. These property bags are specifically designed for use in the medical industry. Durable, easy to use with a unique barcode tracking system, ensuring the patient’s belongs are returned to them safely after they’ve been treated. Please contact us[link] if you have any further enquiries on disaster management.

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    All Disaster Management

  • Smart Triage

    Smart Triage

  • Smart-Commander---73211

    SMART Commander

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  • Smart-MCI-Bag---73210


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  • Stor-It-Reflective

    SMART Stor-It Reflective Triage Bag

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  • Smart-Tags---73213

    SMART Tags

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  • Smart-Tape---73214

    SMART Tape

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  • Smart-Triage---73212

    SMART Triage Pack

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  • Smart-Xtract

    Smart Xtract2 Stretcher

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