Midmed stock the most extensive range of clinical respiratory devices, a world-leader in the field of respiratory therapy. From reusable resuscitation kits and face masks to various aerosol and oxygen therapy tools, we produce high quality equipment that’s used to improve pulmonary function all over the world.

Clinical respiratory therapy has proven to be one of the more difficult areas of medical treatment. Professionals have often tried to implement chest physiotherapy, to find varying results. It is a largely successful method of treatment, but most patients are sufferers of chronic lung disease, and often respond poorly to normal kinds of chest physiotherapy. There are many reasons for this, but mainly, it’s just a long, time-consuming process.

With our range of products, you can facilitate all kinds of therapeutic respiratory procedures, and establish methods that will increase your chances of improving your patients’ health. It’s a truly exhaustive range.

Our latex-free resuscitation kits offer superb reliability, extreme durability and resistance to outside factors. Available in adult, child and infant sizes, they’re also extremely diverse. Another of their life-saving products is the COMFY VAC Handheld Suction Unit – a manually powered device that clears fluids from airways, with maximum patient comfort. It’s best used when electrical power isn’t available, so it’s perfect for use at a patient’s home, or out in the field.

Other respiratory aids include their reusable silicone face masks, which are completely latex-free, and come in six different sizes. They also supply many different products for procedures of all kinds – such as nebulisers, face tents, laryngoscopes and humidifiers – as well as a significant stock of indispensable accessories.

Midmed brings you the best available respiratory devices and products. Deliver quality patient care and improve the fluency of your therapy with their extensive array of products.

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