BEAR Products

We are renowned for our durable, flexible bariatric restraint systems. These systems are built to control and restrain the abdominal mass of bariatric patients quickly and without fuss. As a result, they preserve patient dignity and have been proven to dramatically reduce anxiety. Considering the level of comfort offered, it’s no wonder patients now request our products when they require transport.

With an obesity epidemic spreading across all areas and ages groups within Australia, it’s essential that we’re able to treat this surge in bariatric patients effectively by offering realistic paths to rehabilitation. That takes a lot of care and a lot of treatment, but it starts by keeping patients’ dignity and wellbeing in mind and treating them with integrity and respect. This way, they’re much more likely to pursue positive health outcomes. Our products provide the perfect kickstart to the process, in which patients can feel totally comfortable as they undergo transportation.

Midmed stock the following products:

  • Bariatric Equalising Abdominal Restraint (BEAR)
  • BEAR Air
  • BEAR Stair Chair

All products are made from durable high-quality materials, and are UV- and chemical-resistant.

Never has there been a selection of products that so comprehensively addresses the issues faced when transporting bariatric patients. Reduce anxiety and health risks, and preserve patients’ dignity with our range of abdominal restraint systems.

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