Wound Care

Bandages equipped with hemostatic agents are proven to be more effective and to stop bleeding faster than standard gauzes, so they’re ideal for use on particularly serious wounds and cuts.

QuickClot® is one of the most respected names in medical supplies, and has earned the trust of Military Medics and Emergency services personnel in a wide variety of battle and trauma situations. The QuikClot® range utilises an inorganic mineral called kaolin that accelerates the body’s natural clotting ability. When kaolin comes into contact with blood, it interacts with a number of naturally occurring factors, and within minutes, the clotting process is almost complete. So with the use of kaolin in the innovative gauze technology, the QuikClot® range can now stop the bleeding more quickly, more naturally, in a way that causes no exothermic reactions. What’s more, QuikClot® products contain no shellfish, botanicals, or animal or human proteins.

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  • Transfer Sheet

    Patient Transfer – Fluid Absorption WRASFER™

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  • QuikClotRange-QC268

    QUIKCLOT® Combat Gauze (QC) 200

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  • QuikClot-Pad---QC124

    QUIKCLOT® Pad (QC) 124

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  • responder-gauze

    Responder Combat Gauze

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