Patient Transport

Midmed stocks a wide range of patient transport solutions, including stretchers, lifters and transfer chairs.

Regardless of the healthcare setting, patients frequently need to be transported between rooms, floors, buildings and facilities. Ensuring that this transport process is safe, comfortable and convenient – for both patients and carers – is essential. We stock the best brands in the healthcare market, and our solutions include the latest styles and designs from Europe and USA/ Canada

Our patient transport range is suitable for numerous healthcare applications, including bariatrics, general purpose, emergency, ambulatory care and mortuary needs. Our transport solutions can be tailored to meet your budget as well as your healthcare needs.

At Midmed, we pride ourselves on sourcing the best medical equipment so that you can focus on caring for your patients with utmost confidence. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.


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  • Lifters


  • Stretchers


  • Transfer Chairs

    Transfer Chairs

  • 500XR-Trauma-Strecher

    5000 XR Trauma Stretcher

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  • Bari-Lifter

    Bariatric Lifter

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  • sizewise-shuttle-b-1

    Bariatric Shuttle B chair

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  • Cut_picture_patient_trolley_chair_CLAVIA_LSA_BMB_MEDICAL

    BMB Clavia LSA

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  • Cadaver Mortuary Stretcher

    Cadaver Mortuary Stretcher

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  • I-Care-Emergency

    I-CARE Emergency

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  • 111131

    I-CARE Patient Transport Heavy Care

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  • Swifi

    Promotal Swifi

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  • Promotal Tweegy

    Promotal Tweegy

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  • General Purpose Stretcher

    Techlem General Purpose Stretcher

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