Breast Pumps

Ameda have been world-leaders in cutting edge breastfeeding technology for 60 years, and the company is renowned for developing products that suit the needs of every mother and newborn. Midmed stocks a comprehensive range of Ameda breast pumps.

Ameda’s breast pumps deliver enhanced comfort, hygiene, security and milk production effectiveness, and their range is diverse enough to satisfy the individual requirements of every mum. Make the journey to breastfeeding as smooth and joyous as possible and reduce patient anxiety levels by selecting Ameda Breast Pumps.

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  • Ameda Breast Pumps and Accessories

    Ameda Breast Pumps and Accessories

  • Electric Breast Pump

    Electric Breast Pump

  • Hospital Grade Breast Pump

    Hospital Grade Breast Pump

  • Manual Breast Pump

    Manual Breast Pump

  • Ameda---Elite

    Ameda Elite

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  • Ameda-Manual

    Ameda Manual Breast Pump

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  • Milk-Collection-Kit

    Ameda Milk Collection Kits

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  • Ameda---Platinum

    Ameda Platinum

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  • Ameda-purely-yours

    Ameda Purely Yours

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  • Ameda Purely Yours Ultra

    Ameda Purely Yours Ultra

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  • Milk-Storage--Breast-Milk-Storage-Bottles---17244

    Breast Milk Storage Bottles

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  • breast-pump-valves

    Breast Pump Spare Parts

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  • Custom-Fit-Flange-System

    CustomFit Flange System™

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  • Breast-Shells

    DuoShell™ Breast Shells

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  • Nipple-Shields

    Nipple Shields

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  • Nursing-Pads

    NoShow Premium Disposable Nursing Pads™

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  • Milk-Storage---Storage-Bags---17243

    Store’N Pour™ Breast Milk Storage Bags

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