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Emergency Medical Supplies

Emergency medical supplies can be the end all or be all when it comes to saving lives. Having emergency medical supplies means you have the correct resources and equipment necessary to cover a range of emergencies from bleeding to breathing difficulties. With a well stocked emergency medical supply you are able to respond quickly and effectively to emergencies and urgent situations. Emergency medical supplies can also create a smooth and more organised process, with procedures such as hospital transportation being faster and more efficient.

Our emergency medical supplies range covers a wide variety of scenarios, with equipment ranging from patient handling to prehospital bleeding control. When it comes to emergency medical supplies, Midmed are proficient at supplying customers with high quality equipment, with the majority of our products being manufactured in   North America and Europe.

As a family-owned business with more than 25 years of experience, we understand the importance of providing more choice and positive solutions for patient care. We strive to deliver value beyond expectation and source emergency medical supplies from a variety of trusted and reputable brands.

Types of prehospital and medical supplies

There is a broad range of medical supplies that are crucial for medical emergencies. At Midmed we ensure all bases are covered, with a range of emergency supplies that look after a variety of situations and emergency circumstances. Our emergency medical services equipment includes:

  • Bags and Kits – Bags and kits are an essential part of emergency supplies, as they can provide a one stop spot for extensive care.Our bags and kits include SMART MCI Bag for all triage professional needs, QuikClot Medical Responder Bag for traumatic bleeding injuries, SMART Stor-It Triage Bag for bulk storage purposes and SmartSafe Valuable Storage Bags for patients’ belongings. We also offer a bag customisation service for bespoke applications where critical access is crucial when saving patients lives.
  • Patient handling – Patient handling equipment can ease the impact of an emergency situation by allowing quick and easy transportation that is safe and comfortable.Our patient handling equipment includes aircraft transfer for emergencies that require aircraft transfers, stair chairs for bariatric patients, portable surgical tables for emergencies that need fast operations and more.
  • Prehospital airway management – This refers to equipment necessary for an airway emergency, including breathing difficulties or unconscious patients. These times are dire, so it is important that the correct equipment is at hand to provide patients with adequate ventilation.Our airway management equipment includes Bougie, DuCanto Catheter, Tracheostomy Tube Holder, QuickDraw Portable Suction Unit and others.
  • Suction – Suction equipment is helpful for tracheal and paediatric procedures, with the options of handheld and portable suction equipment also being available at Midmed. Our suction equipment includes Hi-D Big Stick Suction Tip, QuickDraw Portable Suction Unit and others.
  • Bleeding control – Having the correct bleeding control equipment can prevent adverse injury to patients and can reduce the amount of blood lost during emergency situations.Our bleeding control equipment includes the following and more; compression dressing for secure compression against large wounds, SICH Tourniquet for soft tissue injury prevention and mini compression bandages for all situations including children and elderly with thin limbs.
  • Fluid Warming – Fluid warming equipment creates crystalloids, blood products and other fluids to be warmed to body temperature levels. This equipment can also be used to prevent hypothermia for patients in emergency situations. Our fluid warming equipment includes QinFlow Blood/Fluid Warmer, LifeBox Medical Box and QinFlow Blood/Fluid Warmer Lite.
  • Splints – Splints are of great purpose to emergency situations that require supporting or immobilising a broken bone. At Midmed we offer a range of splints for different sizes and body parts. Our CT6 Femoral Traction Splint and CT7 are ideal for midline femur fractures and can reduce the risk of death caused from severed arteries. Our Evac-U-Splint is ideal for all splinting situations, from dislocated shoulders to angulated wrist fractures.
  • Triage – Triage equipment allows for faster and more effective care for a maximum number of patients, as allocation of treatment is in accordance to a system of priority. Our triage kits include SMART tags, SMART Triage Bag, SMART Education Kit and more.

Where can these emergency supplies be used?

We aim to provide the best high-quality equipment to those that serve in emergency situations. These emergency supplies can be used by paramedics, emergency operators, hospital and surgery centres, doctors and medical clinics.

Where does Midmed ship to?

Midmed ships across Australia, with the best service package and supply chain network to meet your requirements. Our services are supported through a national distribution and service network which ensures easy shipping due to our ongoing high levels of stock.

Emergency medical supplies at Midmed

At Midmed we meet high-quality equipment with high quality service. Enjoy a range of professional and high-quality emergency medical supplies, with easy shipping across all of Australia. Visit our website or get a quote today by calling us at 1300 643 633.

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