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Specialist Furniture

Hospitals and clinics need specialist furniture that’s designed with the examination or procedure requirements in mind. They must be designed to provide a comfortable and relaxing environment, using ergonomics for optimal patient positioning. This type of furniture also needs to be built for regular use and durable enough to last for years. Above all, they need to help both doctors and nurses deliver better care.

Midmed has a diverse range of medical furniture that meets these requirements and more. We have tables for Gynecology, Urology, Ophthalmology, Ultrasound, Operating, and Physical Therapy. We also have chairs for Podiatry, Blood sampling, and multi-purpose treatment chairs that can be used for audiology, ontology, ophthalmology, dental surgery, general practice and cosmetics.

Each chair has its own set of specialised features. This includes foot-switch position adjustment, chair-table combinations, low entry height, detachable armrests, swivel mechanism and more. All this, delivered with excellent value for money.

Specialist furniture is essential to providing full-body support to patients and a must-have for every medical centre and hospital. We are proud to provide our customers with excellent value for money on proven and tested products.

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