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Pumping has been made less complicated with Ameda Elite Breast Pump, a hospital grade, lightweight, yet durable breast pump. Electric and multi-user, Ameda Elite is the first of it’s kind with a microprocessor-driven pump. The Elite’s CustomControl™ features adjustability with separate speed and suction dials for efficient milk collection every time, enabling users to customise settings to suit their individual situation  resulting in greater milk flow and comfort levels at earlier stages than compared with other industry models.

With a two year warranty and in depth research and care placed into it’s development, the Ameda Elite breast pump is ideal for new mothers and their newborns. The built-in dual bottle holders securely holds most milk bags or smaller containers upright whilst pumping. Research has found the closer mothers get to their highest comfortable vacuum, the greater their milk output*. The Ameda Elite changes only 1 to 5 mmHg with each dial adjustment, getting each mother closer to her ideal vacuum level for better milk flow.

Compatible with all Ameda HygeiniKit Milk Collection Systems, which have the Proven Airlock Protection, to keep moisture from entering narrow, hard-to-clean tubing whilst pumping. All Ameda breast pumps are BPA and DEHP free.

The Ameda HygieniKit Milk Collection System includes a silicone diaphragm, acting as a barrier to prevent moisture from entering narrow, hard-to-clean tubing whilst pumping. Without this barrier, viruses and bacteria can potentially grow in pump tubing if moisture were to become trapped inside it.
*Kent, J. et al. Importance of vacuum for breastmilk expression. Breastfeed Med. 2008: 3(1): 11-19

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