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Bariatric Bed TITAN

SKU: PA.300S-020-00-105

A combination of X-ray cassette, special functions, higher loading capacity and optimal patient area width makes TITAN bed a mobile unit for bariatric patients which minimises the necessity of patient transfer from bed to bed and makes the work of medical staff a lot easier. The TITAN offers fully electrically operated functions: reversible lateral inclination, Trendelenburg,  Antitrendelenburg, extension of the loading area, cardiac chair, anti-shock position and many more. A great advantage of the TITAN is the easy exit function, which enables the patient to leave the bed directly without the necessity of further rotation at the loading area. The TITAN can be equipped with a special anti-decubitus mattress with function of an automatic adjustment to the length of the loading area. With patient’s and staff’s safety in mind the TITAN has a robust steel structure, which gives to the bed capacity of 500 kg (1100 lbs.). Bariatric beds of TITAN series are, thanks to their characteristics, suitable for all hospital departments.

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