Abdominal Restraint

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We are renowned for our durable, flexible bariatric restraint systems. These systems are built to control and restrain the abdominal mass of bariatric patients quickly and without fuss. As a result, they preserve patient dignity and have been proven to dramatically reduce anxiety.

All products are made from durable high-quality materials, and are UV- and chemical-resistant and provide high levels of patient comfort as they undergo transportation. Reduce anxiety and health risks, and preserve patients’ dignity with our range of abdominal restraint systems.

The original Bariatric Equalising Abdominal Restraint (BEAR) is attachable to surfaces like long backboards and ambulance cots. It effectively transforms these surfaces into full bariatric cots. With its inbuilt ability to stabilise the patient’s abdominal mass, it eliminates the risk of tips and collapses, protecting everyone involved.

Midmed also stock the BEAR Air, for transporting patients in aircrafts, and the BEAR Stair Chair, which allows movement of patients up and down stairs.

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