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The BEAR Air is a ground-breaking device developed to aid the transport of obese and bariatric patients to and from conventional aircrafts. It can be attached to a common long backboard, a standard ambulance cot, or a bariatric cot. The Air was designed to increase the safety of the patients and transport crew while moving uncontrollable masses: it stabilizes the abdominal mass and minimizes the side-to-side shift while being transported.

Made from chemical and UV resistant materials, with a burst strength of 536 psi on the mesh this product is extremely durable and strong and can be washed with soap and water.

The 1 ½ inch frame straps have a tensile strength of 340 kg and the 2inch abdominal straps have a tensile weight of 545kg so it is well  suited to accommodating the specific needs of  bariatric patients.

Add the BEAR Air’s optional special feature of a Lower Extremity Restraint System. This innovative addition prevents horizontal shift of the patient during flight and in the event of an emergency landing, making life easier for the transport crew and reduces patient anxiety.

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