Attaching to the side of an existing backboard or cot, the BEAR device evenly distributes abdominal weight, virtually eliminating the possibility of the cot tipping. The additional stability the Bariatric Equalizing Abdominal Restraint prevents injury to the patient or transport crew, ensuring optimal bariatric care throughout the entire transportation process

The BEAR device is made from high-quality high-grade materials that are resistant to chemicals, UV light, and is easily washed with soap and water. The mesh fabric has a bursting strength of 536 PSI. The 1 ½” frame straps have a tensile strength of 340 kg, and the 2″ abdominal straps have a tensile strength of 545 kg Total weight with bag 2 kg. The Bariatric Equalizing Abdominal Restraint actively lowers the risk of injury to the patient and transportation crew by offering the highest standard of bariatric care.