Waterproof Cast Protectors

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Dry PRO waterproof Arm & Leg Cast Cover Protectors are a high quality surgical rubber sleeve that fits over casts, bandages, ostomies, PICC lines and prosthetics. They offer complete waterproof protection. The patented vacuum seal assures that a cast or bandage will remain dry, even when submerged in water.

The waterproof cast cover enables patients to swim, bathe, shower, and to receive hydrotherapy. During any water activity, it protects the respective body part from water damage. Made of thick surgical rubber this durable product offers comfort and flexibility and features a non-skid grid on the sole to prevent slipping. With a reliable vacuum seal and the non-skid grid, these waterproof cast covers offer the safest and most effective choice in cast protection.

Waterproof Arm & Leg Cast Cover Protectors are available in a variety of sizes designed to fit the youngest child to adults.

Waterproof cast covers leg sizes Waterproof cast covers arm sizes

Contact Midmed or see the PDF brochure below for more information about this product. Due to Health regulations these items are not returnable, so please ensure you measure correctly when ordering.

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