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Extra Ergolift is the powered version of the Extra track assisted stair chair with the same main structural features. The real innovation of Extra Ergolift is given by the electric motor that moves the tracks up and down the stairs without any effort by the operator. The motor is activated by a wireless console. The battery ensures a high autonomy and, in case of sudden discharging, this device will allow you to safely complete the service. Extra Ergolift loads up to 200 kg in powered transport configuration and 230 kg in manual transportation. It can be used under rain or adverse weather conditions.


  • Lightweight aluminium alloy frame
  • Rear bar and front telescopic handles
  • Practical covered armrests and frontal turnable footrest
  • long and high-grip sliding tracks
  • two rear fixed Ø 200 mm and two front rotating Ø 125 mm diameter
  • Electric motor activated by a wireless console
  • loads up to 200 kg in powered transport and 230 kg in manual transport
  • Weight 29 kg
  • 28 V battery, with a max 1 hour charging time

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