Eye Force Operating Table



The USFK Eye Force Operating Table is an innovative, high quality operation table, specifically designed for ophthalmic surgery. It features powerful, environmentally friendly batteries (lasting between 35 and 40 surgery cycles), that are quickly exchangeable via a backup battery drawer. The table has tiltable foot control and an activation switch that  allows sensitive and precise chair adjustments. The 3-D and longitudinally adjustable headrest with head molding ensures safe and correct positioning of the patient’s head. The four fully rotating double-run casters for spine friendly and easy transport. The materials used and workmanship satisfy even the most stringent hygienic requirements.


  • Very low access height
  • Allows adjustment of the reclining surface to suit individual patient needs
  • Easy, mobile and user friendly handling
  • The extension system prevents the patient from sliding down the chair
  • e-Drive system for effortless and rapid movement of the chair over long distances