Ameda Platinum Breast Pump

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The Ameda Difference

Some non-Ameda breast pump brands in the market do not have a protective barrier at the breast flange. Without an effective barrier, the tubing can be a potential medium for condensation, moisture and mould. This risk can ultimately affect breast milk for the infant as well as the pump parts.

Ameda’s HygieniKit Milk Collection System with the FDA-cleared protective barrier helps prevent potential risk factors, offering the safest kit available in the market. There is no need to clean the tubing as it remains dry, simplifying pump use and care.

Comfort Flow

Clinically proven waveform to establish and maintain a better milk supply

Airlock Protection

World’s only FDA-cleared protective viral barrier that helps protect breast milk

Custom Control

Independent control of speed and suction allows for increased comfort which means more milk


Consistent suction performance always regardless of varying altitudes or changing atmospheric pressure

How to Use Ameda Platinum

Hospital to Home

For 75 years, Ameda is committed to healthy beginnings for Mums and Babies. Centred on Mum’s unique journey, Ameda wants every Mum and Baby to have the best possible start in life, and we believe breast milk is the best start for a Mum’s newborn child. Through products that fit seamlessly with Mum’s life, we support her with kind, steady guidance, – in the hospital, at home, at work, or wherever she might be. Our roots are in the hospital, and through a lifetime of conversations, research, and experience, Ameda strives to provide Healthcare Professionals with the products, tools, and information they need to better serve Mum and Baby.

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