M.A.P – Pressure Injury Monitoring

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Product Description

The M.A.P (Monitor Alert Protect) is the first ever continuous bedside pressure monitoring system that gives caregivers and patients pressure distribution data to guide repositioning, off-loading and support surface utilisation.

The M.A.P Pressure Sensing Mat:

  • The M.A.PTM pressure sensing mat is manufactured from an intelligent textile developed expressly for continuous patient monitoring.
  • The outer layer consists of a medical grade biocompatible material which houses thousands of sensing points capable of accurately imaging the body of the patient lying on the support surface.
  • This intelligent textile is flexible, which allows it to work with patients of different weights and sizes, even most bariatric patients. Continuous pressure readings are sent to a monitor attached to the mat, where they display as a clear colour-coded visual image.

The M.A.P Monitor:

  • The M.A.PTM monitor continuously displays the data gathered by the pressure sensing mat, showing a real-time image.
  • The monitor can be positioned to allow nursing staff direct access to the face of the monitor, or it can be placed facing the patient.
  • A simple touch screen interface allows implementation of customised settings and audible alerts.

To find out more about the M.A.P, please check out the PDF brochure below. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

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