Stephen H Anatomical



Stephen H Anatomical chairs are multipurpose and designed for hospital use during assessment, diagnosis and care. Available in 4 different sizes from mini through to bariatric, they are suitable for multiple situations and may also be used for the transportation of patients between departments. The armchairs are electrically adjustable and have three separate cushions. The backrest is designed to support CARDIO PULMONARY RESUSCITATION.

This medical device, made with stainless materials, represents the “ultimate” solution to eliminate rust and significantly reducing the likelihood of bacterial contamination. The use of stainless steel reduces cross-infection and environmental impact. The chairs have been designed for easy access for cleaning and technical work. The anti-tilt frame is designed to accommodate all the accessories and is height adjustable 10 degrees Trendelenburg functionality.

The device has an aesthetically pleasing design, long service life, low maintenance costs, and has revolutionised the concept of periodic replacement. The minimisation of sites for bacterial accumulation makes this product easy to inspect and sanitise.