Solo Ultra Low Hospital Bed: Encouraging Safe Movement

In the healthcare industry, the use of a hospital bed is crucial for patients road to recovery and choosing the right hospital bed is an important decision. Patients may be recovering from an injury, medical procedure or a long term requirement. Whatever it is, they deserve a bed that provides maximum comfort, aids with recovery and allows for maximum mobility.

Hospital beds come in a variety of designs, shapes and sizes – our range includes options for paediatrics, bariatric and psychiatric patients. In order to choose from diverse options available, it’s important to understand what the requirements patients of are and which features would be most helpful. Ultimately, a medical bed should provide a comfortable and safe environment for patients to recover.

This blog is focused on patients recovering from injury or medical procedure and require a bed that can help them manoeuvre themselves in a safe and effective way. 

What Happens After Long Periods Of Bedrest

Patients are often encouraged to mobilise sooner following surgery or injury to help maintain strength and stamina which can help patients recover sooner.

It may also prevent complications that can arise from long periods of bed rest. These include pressure sores, weak bones and muscles, constipation and digestive issues or even blood clots. These can be mitigated by nurse care, however, assisted rolling can still present risks.

This is where hospital bed designs that are low and mobility friendly can be an ideal solution.

Move Easily Thanks To Hospital Bed Design

Leading the way in movement friendly hospital bed design is the UK made Medstrom Solo Ultra Low Hospital Bed. Specifically designed to accommodate patient mobility challenges, it has a low platform that encourages independent and safe movement without the risk of falls. It also achieves safe and easy patient positioning, is simple to use and is easy to clean.

The bed is built from a robust metal frame with a rounded smooth-edged design that prevents staff injuries. Independent testing has demonstrated that the Medstrom range of ultra-low beds creates zero patient migration during movements. This protects the patient’s skin and limits the risk of manual handling injury from nursing staff as they do not need to re-position patients back up the bed.

An ultra-low height of just 19cm off the ground minimises potential injury from falls and a custom exit height can be programmed. Simple controls allow for the bed to move between a chair position, then a full cardiac chair position with one button.

As it rises, the backrest lengthens to reduce shear and friction sliding. The hospital bed also has an innovative split side rail. This allows clinicians to keep patients secure whilst they are in bed resting or sleeping and provides support to patients when they begin to move.

​​Hospital Beds Delivered With Ease

If you are seeking a hospital bed that helps get patients mobilised safely at the earliest opportunity without the risk of falling, this Medstrom hospital bed is perfect. Contact our friendly Midmed staff to find out how you can see a guided demonstration and learn about numerous applications. You can also request a quote directly and we will get back to you swiftly.