Swifi Transfer Chair: Intuitive Patient-Focused Design

Patient transport is an important part of care and recovery. Whilst there are a variety of equipment out there, wheelchairs and transfer chairs continue to be one of the most enduring. These valuable mobile chairs provide hospital staff with a safe way to move patients from place to place.

When it comes to innovative patient transport solutions, look no further than the Swifi® Transfer Chair. Based on an intuitive patient-focused design and engineered with high-quality materials, it’s a perfect match for hospital environments.

Today we’re taking a deep dive into the Swifi® Transfer Chair and how it can be used to dramatically improve patient outcomes.

What Are Transfer Chairs?

Depending on their condition, patients may need assistance to move around departments within the hospital. They may also need help shifting on and off examination tables and hospital beds. Transfer chairs are a type of patient transfer equipment that enables patients to do these actions safely and helps medical staff perform their duties too.

Swifi® Specialised Features For Patient Transport

Swifi® was designed exclusively for hospitals and non-domestic use. It’s highly durable thanks to an electro-galvanized steel frame with a light grey epoxy finish and has seamless upholstery for hygiene.

This chair is equipped with flip-up armrests, an open-sided seat and a retractable foot rest with side foot control to respect the patient’s intimacy and dignity. It’s available in two widths so it can adapt to different patient body shapes. This makes it especially useful for patients who are corpulent or have reduced mobility. The maximum weight capacity is 200kg and it’s fully compliant with EU regulations.

There’s also a large range of accessories including an auto-locking 2 hook IV pole, backrest extension, holding strap, support for oxygen bottles, urine bag holder, support table, and removable leg rest with anchorage.

Check out the Swifi Transfer Chair Manual to explore the full range of features. We’ve also compiled a list of important information below.

Standard Features of the Swifi®

  • Upholstery widths 47 or 60cm
  • Electrogalvanized steel frame with light grey epoxy finish
  • Epoxy finished push bar
  • Backrest and seat in class M1 flame retardant seamless covering
  • Patient file holder
  • Clothes basket
  • Adjustable armrests with stopper
  • Retractable footrest with bilateral control
  • Front shock absorbers
  • Rear castors ø 300mm with centralized brakes
  • Front castors ø 100mm – ball bearing
  • 58cm seat height


  • Patient weight capacity: 200kg (tested at a static weight of 600kg)
  • Built-in clothes basket
  • Patient file holder
  • Push bar full width
  • Rear casters ø 300mm
  • Various accessories


  • Liftable armrests
  • Open-sided seat
  • Retractable footrest with bilateral control
  • Exists in 2 widths (47 and 60cm)


  • 200kg patient weight capacity
  • Rear casters diameter 300mm with centralised brake
  • Front shock absorbers


  • Seamless seat and backrests
  • Monoblock steel frame

Equip Your Clinic With Swifi Transfer Chairs

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