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There are many options for venipuncture equipment, but VeinViewer is the only imaging device that can be used by any clinician and is proven to provide more options for venous access and reduce the number of stick attempts.​​


Locating veins is only the first step to achieving successful Venous Access in your patients, and the most obvious vein is not always the best option to select. 

VeinViewer® provides clinicians with exclusive High Definition (HD) and Digital Full Field (Df2)   projected near-infrared real-time imaging to make a more informed decision. VeinViewer patented technology, using Active Vascular Imaging Navigation allows you to see blood patterns up to 15mm deep and clinically relevant veins up to 10mm so that you can;

Veinviewer is the only vein device of its kind that can positively impact the entire Pre, During and Post vascular access procedure and is proven to.


Your patient’s vasculature is a limited resource, and Blind Stick practice is, and should remain a thing of the past. Become a steward of promoting vessel health, and better outcomes for your patients and clinical practice by adopting VeinViewer into your vascular access routine.

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VeinViewer helps locate more vein access options for oncology patients

Oncology patients are commonly subjected to repeated infusions over the course of their treatment. The quantity of procedures and medication used can compromise the integrity of vessels, leaving even fewer options for successful access. Finding a suitable peripheral vein continues to be a recurring challenge for clinicians.

  • Advanced disease states and multiple treatments may have deteriorated patient vessels, decreasing stick options and increasing the likelihood of patient vessels collapsing, or an infiltration or extravasation during treatment.
  • Despite oncology patients having a long-term port for IV therapy, that point of entry is commonly avoided for blood draws.
  • Fluctuations in white cell levels can warrant removal of a port in favor of a peripheral IV to avoid higher risks of infection.
  • Multiple rounds of imaging procedures (i.e., CT scan, PET-CT scan) can expose patients to injections of contrast agents, often under higher pressure via “power injection,” increasing the risk of damaging the same fragile vessels.
  • Delays in imaging suites can mean lost procedures at the end of the day with impact to revenue
  • Intravenous medications may be caustic and potentially dangerous should a vein blow.

VeinViewer delivers valuable information for the entire vascular access procedure and should be used to help assess the patient Pre-, During- and Post-access (PDP). Everyone from the novice to the experienced clinician can benefit from VeinViewer. VeinViewer’s ability to assess the catheter after placement can potentially help avoid serious complications and preserve veins over time.

VeinViewer’s capabilities.

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