Aurion Medical Carts

Midmed is proud to introduce you to the Aurion Cart. Made in Italy from Baydur material, this fully moulded polyurethane cart is fire retardant and chemical resistant. It comes with a 5-year warranty, including a 1-year warranty on the casters. The unique and innovative design makes these carts aesthetically pleasing as well as reliable and long lasting.

The lightweight and economical design combined with its four anti-marking casters make this cart a breeze to move, even on carpet. Let’s face it, there is nothing more frustrating than a cart with bad wheels.  Three of the cart’s wheels have a break, and the fourth wheel is static. The push handles are integrated into the mould of the cart. This adds to the mobility and safety of the trolley.

The rounded smooth-edged design prevents staff injuries and avoids dirt and bacteria accumulation. The Aurion is easily cleaned and can tolerate most cleaning products. It is a Latex-free product. All trolleys are fitted with a seal lock to assist with hospital’s quality assurance guidelines, although a key lock can be substituted.

The beauty of this cart is its flexibility.  It can easily be customised to your requirements. Some examples of cart use include:

  • Resuscitation or MET cart
  • Anaesthetic cart
  • IV preparation cart
  • Difficult Airway cart
  • Paediatric cart
  • MRI cart

The non-metallic drawer guides are directly integrated into the body, not only making them easy to clean and maintain but enabling you to move and change the configuration as required. This allows you to change or upgrade your configuration at any time, preventing the costly exercise of replacing the entire cart. There are two drawer sizes 100mm and 150mm. Keep in mind that the total drawer configuration needs to make 600 mm, enabling the flexibility to customise your cart.

Aurion thought of everything when developing this cart. The large stain-resistant top with anti-slide lip is ideal for notetaking and medication preparation. On the back of the cart you will find a dedicated spot for a CPR board, and incorporated into the body of the cart are slots for catheters or bougies.

Gone are the days of struggling or cutting yourself to open a glass ampoule. The Aurion cart has small and large ampule openers.  There is a bracket for a size 02 cylinder. An adjustable IV pole can be added, great for priming fluids. A rotating defib tray, suitable for all defib, is a great space saver. The removable clear shelving found on the side is ideal for storing things such as IV fluids or gloves. Other options include overhead dispensers, metal storage trays, basin storage, glovebox holder and drawer dividers.

As you can see there are many options to create your perfect cart. There are multiple colours to choose from. The friendly staff at Midmed are only too happy to guide you through the design of your cart.