Medical Examination Tables

Medical Examination Tables

With over 25 years of experience in the medical field, Midmed is your go-to for surgical and medical supplies including examination tables.

The equipment you implement in your medical clinic speaks volumes about you and your business. No patient wants to walk into your office to see outdated medical equipment, and all patients want to feel comfortable in a setting that can at times be stressful. That’s why Midmed stocks a range of professional, state-of-the-art medical examination tables to make patient treatment a comfortable experience.

Midmed’s range of medical examination tables offer the latest in technological features to make patient examination easy and to support patient welfare. This includes medical exam tables with memory foam for extra support, height controllers, removable parts, insert pillows and more. We also stock specialised medical tables for specific situations including gynaecological examinations, treatment chairs, and ultrasound tables

eMotio Examination Couch

The Benefits of Medical Examination Tables For Your Clinic

Keeping your medical examination tables up to date is important, as these provide a number of benefits to your patients. One of the top benefits of medical exam tables is that they are designed to provide patients with a comfortable and secure surface in which they can be examined. Examination tables also feature a variety of adjustable parts, such as height and tilt adjustments, which allows medical staff to easily position patients in ways that better facilitate examination and treatment.

Medical examination tables are also designed to withstand frequent use and are typically made from durable materials that can withstand frequent cleaning and disinfection, which helps to prevent the spread of infection. This is highly important when you have a variety of patients with different ailments coming and going from your clinic throughout the day.

divan-d-examen-emotio (2)
eMotio Examination Couch

Competitive Prices & Quotes On Medical Examination Tables

At Midmed, we price our products competitively to best reflect the current market whilst also making it easy for you to request a quote. To receive a quote, add your required products to your cart, and then simply click to request a quote. If you need to know more about product specifications, you can always speak to our friendly staff, and they can help you source exactly what you need for your clinic.

We can supply medical examination tables to just about anywhere in Australia.

Delivery Of Examination Tables Online

Things can change fast in the world of healthcare, which is why we can offer fast, efficient delivery across Australia. Our ongoing customer support can also help coordinate your orders so that you are never in short supply of medical equipment again. If you have any enquiries regarding our products or services, our team is just an email or a phone call away.

Midmed Provides Trusted Service

Founded in Queensland, Midmed is an Australian, family-owned medical equipment supplier. We are one of Australia’s leading medical suppliers of hospital equipment and consumables with over 25 years of experience in the industry.
Give our expert customer service team a call for a quote and to discuss an ideal solution for you. Contact us online or call on 1300 643 633.
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