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Medical Suction Equipment

Medical suction equipment is an important tool for clearing blocked airways. It allows care providers access to the back of the throat safely. These medical devices are used to remove bodily fluids or foreign objects from the throat and mouth. Midmed has a variety of devices to suit common procedures including portable and onboard suction pumps, as well as a hand-powered device. Our portable suction units deliver effective suction in a convenient unit and come in both rechargeable and battery-operated power source configurations. We also have catheter suction tips with a wide, hyper curved design to avoid clogging and make it easier to guide into the patient. Our airway management products are designed to be easily used, connected and manoeuvred. This includes lightweight suction devices and an extensive array of airway devices and aids, including face masks, endotracheal tubes, catheter tips and filters. Midmed is an experienced medical supplier with a comprehensive range of suction devices to meet your needs. You'll soon discover why more hospitals, surgeons and doctors are choosing Midmed to source their medical equipment. To find out more about our medical suction equipment, get in touch with our friendly team. Get started by browsing our collection.

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