Midmed stock a number of medical suction supplies, all of which allow for optimal, easy processes in emergency care. Our range of suction kits bring ease and convenience to what is an extremely pivotal procedure, and each product has unique features of its own.

Our battery care system is a unique feature across their range, and it makes their products stand out from the crowd in current medical suction technology. Once the kit’s batteries are charged, the care system will gently hold the batteries at optimal charge level, to prevent harmful overcharging. This preserves the battery life of their products and reduces the frequency with which batteries need to be changed. To make things even easier, it also automatically discharges flat batteries.

With a highly portable handheld option also available in their JR Quickdraw model, we have sought to make our suction products applicable to as many emergency scenarios as possible.

Trust Midmed to bring you the highest quality medical suction supplies. Perform emergency suction procedures with ease in all kinds of environments, with their flawless range of durable, long-life suction kits.

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  • Suction Quickdraw

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  • Suction VX-2

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