Fasplint Extremity Splint


The FASPLINT is an innovative type of extremity vacuum splint that contours around the injured area, evacuates air and molds perfectly around the damaged extremity. From disclocated shoulders to angulated wrist fractures, simply grab your vacuum splint, place it around the injured area, evacuate the air, and you’re done! And if equipment retrieval is a major factor facing your department, then the FASPLINT is ideal. It is easy-to-use and lightweight to carry, making it the simplest kind of splint to use in the event of a medical emergency.

Brands: Hartwell

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  • Molds to exact shape of injury site without applying circumferential pressure
  • Reduces nerve, tissue and vessel damage
  • Can be evacuated using the same Evac-U-Splint manual pump with a tapered adapter tip or a portable suction unit
  • If a FASPLINT is lost, flies away on a helicopter, or is too soiled to be used again, the replacement cost is minimal
  • Can be used for leg fractures, dislocated shoulders, knee injuries, wrist fractures, infant and pediatric immobilization, hip support, padding under the knees, temporary cervical support, and much more.

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