Long-Term ENFIT Feeding Tubes


Our Economical PU Feeding Tubes can be used for up to 45 days. Polyurethane (PU) enteral feeding tubes are even longer-lasting and more durable than their PVC equivalent and are just as compatible across the brand’s range of enteral products. They come with a number of distinct features, meet ISO 80369-3 compatibility standards.

Brands: Cair

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  • Readymade male EnFit™ connectors
  • Numerical markings (in cm)
  • Closed rounded tip
  • 2 lateral distal openings
  • 2 radiopaque stripes
  • Soft and easy to apply with coloured French tether for each size for easy identification
  • Available in a range of lengths
  • Paediatric tubing available in widths from 4Ch/Fr to 12 Ch/Fr
  • Levin Type Enteral Naso-Gastric Tubes with and without guidewire from 6 Ch/Fr to 20 Ch/Fr widths
  • Naso-Duodenal Tubes and Naso-Jenunal Tubes with weight and guidewire combinations from 6Ch/Fr to 14 Ch/Fr widths

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