Manual Breast Pump Kit

SKU: AM.17064M

Breastfeeding can be a wonderful and exciting experience, granting Mother and child the opportunity to bond and share first of many special moments. However, there are times where breastfeeding may not be possible, due to time, space, location or nipple refusal. Breastfeeding can also be overwhelming and exhausting, regardless of whether you’re a first time mother or a mother of five. Ameda manual breast pumps are an excellent choice for mothers who pump their breast milk no more than once a day.

Midmed and Ameda understand the nature of breastfeeding and breast pumping, for mothers looking for a manual breast pump, Ameda offers a ergo and compact pump, award winning for it’s design from the highly reputed Zentrum Nordrhein-Westfalen Institute in Germany. This manual pump is also compatible with Ameda’s HygieniKit Milk Collection System.

This pump is compatible with any standard milk storage bottle or freezer bag. A manual pump gives the mother the opportunity to control and improve milk flow by variation of the handle squeezes.

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