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When it comes to patient comfort, no piece of medical equipment is more comforting than their bed. Hospital beds offer a place to rest, interact with loved ones and receive treatment.

There’s a wide variety of hospital beds available. Each has a slight variation in design to meet the needs of patients and their treatment.

Bariatric Beds are designed for patients that are corpulent, have larger waistlines or who may not find comfort in the standard sizing of hospital chairs and beds. As a whole, bariatric furniture can help lower the physical constraints of medical furniture and support a greater amount of weight more safely than non-bariatric furniture.

Our range can be used for hospitals, day surgeries, nursing homes, medical offices, clinics and more. The SWL, or safe working load seating position ensures safer and more comfortable movement and flexibility for ‘oversize’, bariatric patients as well as the patient handler. We only source reputable brands mostly from Europe and North America, so you can trust they are built to the highest quality.

Our Bariatric Bed Range

Midmed stocks a range of top quality bariatric beds. Explore our range below:

Titan Bariatric Bed, Bari-Rehab Platform 2, Bariatric Low Boy Bed and Bariatric Behavioural Bed for mental health environments.

Titan Bariatric Bed

The Titan Bariatric Bed provides world-class performance for bariatric patients and is a favourite amongst medical staff. It combines an X-ray cassette, special functions, higher loading capacity and optimal patient area width. All this works to minimise patient transfer from bed to bed and makes life easier for carers. There’s a bunch of other features that make it stand out and its robust steel structure gives the bed a capacity of 500kg.

Bari-Rehab Platform 2

Another state of the art bariatric bed is the Bari-Rehab Platform 2. Designed for rehabilitation care, it lets patients actively control different functions such as arrangement, rotation and even vibration. With a 450kg pound capacity and expandable width of 100 cm to 120 cm, the Bari-Rehab Platform 2 is the ideal bed for all levels of care for the bariatric patient.

Bariatric Low Boy Bed

With a wide array of functions including alternation, pulsation or rotation with percussion/vibration therapies, the Bariatric Low Boy Bed is suitable for a range of patients. It’s also available in a version for mental health patients. Unlimited height adjustments to 79cm make it easy to enter or exit the bed comfortably. This remarkable bariatric bed provides safety for patients and peace of mind for the care provider.

SW Bariatric Behavioural Bed

The SW Bariatric Behavioural Health Bed delivers ergonomic safety for caregivers in the behavioural and mental health environment. It’s a fully functional electric medical bed that has articulation for the head, knee and height. As one of the lowest beds on the market, it increases safety for patient handling.

Other safety features include an integrated bed exit alarm, scale and protocol timer. This bariatric bed can accommodate patients up to 385kg and is an excellent choice for any mental health clinic.

Midmed Provides Trusted Service

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