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When it comes to recovering from a medical emergency or operation, rest is essential. However, prolonged bed rest can bring negative effects. Our bodies are designed to move and problems can quickly begin to set in after a couple of days of immobility. Weakening muscles and bones, poor blood circulation and skin ulcers are just some of the common effects. Medical mattresses are designed to alleviate these effects. Maneuverable hospital beds and pliable mattresses can help redistribute pressure surfaces during rehabilitation. This is achieved with a combination of specialised materials and technical features that allow blood flow to circulate freely and minimise pressure on areas of risk. Midmed currently has the Sizewise Bariatric Sapphire (1100EC) complete mattress system. With high strength air cushions, which are vented to provide clinically effective low air loss therapy, patients can enjoy more comfort and stay dry. That foam base is covered with a waterproof material to eliminate cross-contamination of bodily fluids and the quilted top cover is vapour-permeable, low friction, anti-shear and completely machine washable. Multiple positioning controls and an exceptionally quiet control unit round out this sophisticated medical mattress. Midmed medical mattresses can be fixed to a base or come as standalone mattresses. To find out more about our medical mattresses, get in touch with our friendly team. Get started by browsing our collection.

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