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Reducing patient handling complexity and patient discomfort — Improving repositioning feasibility and pressure ulcer prevention.
Over 670,000 hospital-acquired pressure injuries occur annually in the United States, with an institutional cost exceeding USD 11.5 million. Pressure ulcers significantly increase inpatient mortality and prolong inpatients' length of hospital stay by 7 to 11.2 days.  Treatment costs over USD 130,000 per inpatient (stage IV) and quickly accumulates due to the high readmission rate within 30 days after discharge.

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Turning patients at a 30° lateral position (lowest max pressure in lateral position) every 4 hours on an alternating pressure mattress significantly reduces pressure ulcer incidences by 85% and labor intensity for caregivers and improves patient comfort and overall effort- and cost-efficiency.

Optima Turn’s automatic and timer-controlled turning up to 30° is supported by alternating pressure, multiple pressure relief therapy options and manually deflatable air cells for heel relief care, all easily accessible through the intuitive pump interface, streamlining patient handling and caregiver workload.

Automate 30° Lateral Turning

Click-to-activate turning angle, direction, and therapy timer minimize labor requirements for patient repositioning, protect the caregiver from potential injuries, and allow more time and energy to adjust the patient for maximum comfort.

Continuous Surface Pressure Relief

Seamless transition between supine and lateral repositioning with alternating pressure paired with firm side bolsters provides maximum patient comfort and security. Seat inflation modes ensure patients stay comfortable and supported when active.

Personalize Heel Relief Care

Accommodate pressure relief care for different body types by deflating individual air cells at the heels to maintain zero-pressure heel relief, minimizing the patient’s risk of developing pressure injuries and prolonging the length of treatment.

Instant Access to Patient Comfort

Pump’s intuitive interface improves patient care by easily customizing therapy with pressure settings, turning angles, rotating directions, therapy timer, alarms, troubleshooting, and rotational pause to halt repositioning operation.


Standard 200
Mattress Dimension 78.7 x 35.4 x 5 in, with side bolster 10 in 2000 x 900 x 130 mm, with side bolster 254 mm
Mattress Weight 25 lb 11.4 kg
Maximum Patient Weight 397 lb 180 kg
Narrow 200
Mattress Dimension 78.7 x 33.5 x 5 in, with side bolster 10 in 2000 x 850 x 130 mm, with side bolster 254 mm
Mattress Weight 27.5 lb 12.5 kg
Maximum Patient Weight 397 lb 180 kg

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