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The Med Sled® Tactical Rescue Sled is designed for immediate hot zone extrication.

The Tactical Rescue Sled is 15 centimetres narrower than the Standard Med Sled® Evacuation Sled, allowing for easy deployment and rapid extraction of the patient. The Med Sled® does not completely cocoon the occupant, allowing patients the use of their hands if required throughout the extraction.


  • Hostile Environment
  • Active Shooter
  • Under Fire
  • Burning Building Evacuations
  • Steep Inclines on Ice or Snow

Key Benefits

  • Dramatically reduces the effort of moving wounded casualties
  • Hands-free tether around waist or shoulder allows the rescuer to carry equipment or provide return fire
  • Patented design provides stabilization – can be used with a backboard or stokes basket
  • Slides easily for safe and immediate extraction
    • Compact – Carry Bag (76.2cm x 15.2cm) with shoulder strap included
    • Lightweight – Only 2.7kg!
    • Durable – Made of High-Density Polyethylene

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