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Emergency responders rely on their equipment and supplies to provide life-saving care, and this is true for even the most basic of items such as splints.

Splints are rigid devices that support and protect injured bones, ligaments, tendons and other tissues. They are used for patient transport to minimise the risk of further injury during the pre-hospital phase and may also be used for recovery in place of a cast. Splinting serves an important function, allowing the body to perform its natural protective response — swelling — before a cast is custom-made.

A femoral traction splint is a specific type of splint that’s primarily used to support patients with mid-line femur fractures during pre-hospital care and patient transport.

Midmed has two medically-approved options available from leading medical device manufacturer FareTec: CT6 Femoral Traction Splint and the newest edition CT7 Femoral Traction Splint.

After being tested under the harshest conditions around the world, each provides a lightweight, portable solution for first responders and medics.

Helping Prevent Further Injury

A splint helps to relieve the patient’s pain and prevents further damage to surrounding muscle and tissue. In severe trauma cases, the pressure from the bind can reduce the risk of death caused by severed arteries.

Femoral traction splints are made of carbon tubing which snaps together via an internal bungee and fixes to the leg via velcro straps. Traction is controlled by a 4 to 1 purchase system using a small line to apply tension. This provides a very precise and delicate form of traction that can be used for adult and pediatric patients.

By providing a variety of solutions for diverse patients, a femoral traction splint is a must-have device for every medical bag.

Innovative Design Features

Midmed has two models of femoral traction splint available. Find the details below.

CT6 Femoral Traction Splint

The CT6 Femoral Traction Splint is an earlier iteration providing excellent support in a light, compact and strong device.

Constructed from carbon fibre for added durability and weighing 500 grams, this unit fits into a small bag measuring 27 x 8 x 8cm. It uses a pulley traction system that provides powerful yet precise control, infinite adjustment and is suitable for both small and large patients.

Additional features include a wide ischial trap for increased patient comfort, size-adjustable ankle hitch, reflective straps, and extender leg strap for larger patients.

CT7 Femoral Traction Splint

The next generation of femoral traction splint, the CT7 splint was released after two years of development to build on the successful CT6 iteration.

Modified to provide a simple, easy-to-use design, this model has been simplified by removing straps, velcro and all loose ends. The traction mechanism is easy, fast and precise thanks to an acme threaded polycarbonate rod system and thicker carbon tubes which add strength and rigid support. It also has a smaller footprint and no longer extends beyond the patient’s foot.

Whilst they may vary slightly, Both devices are designed to be a compact, light and effective tools for splinting.

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