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Patient Handling Equipment

Patient handling equipment is designed to move, support or transfer patients with ease. This medical equipment reduces manual handling problems experienced by first responders, health professionals and care providers to improve productivity while maximising safety. It also improves the patient experience by reducing the chance of further injuries and increases comfort. Midmed medical supplies and equipment carry a range of advanced patient handling equipment for hospitals, EMS and care facilities. This includes rescue sleds, stair chairs and accessories. We are dedicated to helping medical professionals to improve patient care through innovatively designed products.

Rescue Sleds

Our rescue and evacuation sleds are suitable for hazardous locations with temperamental weather, difficult terrain conditions, hostile environments or chemical spills. The intuitive design of these sleds creates simple, lightweight and versatile solutions for the extraction of patients. They can easily be stored until a situation arises and cleaned after use. Whether it be from the technical material, placement of the handles and strap secure system, these sleds are optimised for patient and rescuer friendliness. Quickly immobilise patients to prevent further injury, apply wound care, lift them into an ambulance or protect them from hypothermia. We supply sleds for tactical situations, bariatric patients, Hazmat and extreme weather.

Stair Chairs

Stairs present a unique challenge to patients and carers but ground-breaking devices can provide a great solution. Stair chairs are specialised chairs that help patients to glide up and down metal, concrete and wooden stairs without the need to carry or manually lift. We have both manual and powered stair chairs. The BEAR stair chair was developed for the transportation of obese/bariatric patients. It stabilises the abdominal mass, thighs and hips into the centre by attaching to the conventional Stair Chair frame and is compatible with a range of other BEAR products. The Extra Ergolift is a powered stair chair that effortlessly moves the patient with wireless controls. Its lightweight aluminium frame can carry up to 200kg in the powered configuration and 230kg during manual transportation. By overcoming the challenge of stairs, patients are no longer restricted to single storey homes and can be evacuated more easily in the case of an emergency.

Patient Handling Accessories

Patient handling accessories are designed to accommodate patients during transfer. There are a variety of devices suited to different tasks, each designed to help patients with low mobility, restricted dexterity and poor balance. Patient transfer sheets can be used on a patient's bed or a chair. These medical supplies are designed to ensure comfort and safety throughout transfer between surfaces of different levels, without disturbing fragile skin and preventing the risk of infection. Foldable mattresses provide a great solution for transporting patients from cramped areas that are inaccessible to stretchers. Restraints system control and restrain patients securely, preserving dignity and reducing anxiety. Binder lifts wrap around the torso and enable caregivers to team lift while using proper lifting ergonomics. It also serves as a barrier between you and your patient's bodily fluids. Find out why more hospitals, surgeons and doctors are choosing Midmed to source their patient handling equipment. Get started by browsing our collection.

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