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We aim to deliver healthcare providers with a comprehensive range of medical splints. During an emergency or accident, first aid responders may need to stabilise a patient's injuries and splints are a common solution for fractured or broken bones. With leg, pelvic and extremity splints as well as a splint mattress and Evac-U-Splint, we have every type of splint you'll need for when crisis strikes. Midmed stocks two models of Femoral Traction splints that have straps and velcro for easy attachment. For pelvic injuries, we have the PelvicBinder® which is designed for hip circumferences ranging between 14" and 32". Our Evac-U-Splint range includes a versatile splint and mattress. This provides medical responders with a versatile splinting solution for dislocated shoulders, wrist fractures, hip support, leg fractures — the options are endless. Both use a vacuum system to extract the air, making it much faster than traditional fixation splints. It's an effective system that moulds around the injured limb and to the exact shape of the injury without applying pressure. The mattress has padded handles and secure straps to transport the patient safely. The Fasplint Extremity splint also uses a vacuum system that moulds perfectly around the damaged extremity. It's easy-to-use and lightweight to carry, making it one of the simplest kinds of splints to use in a medical emergency. It's also compatible with the Evac-U-Splint manual pump using a tapered tip. Midmed is proud to offer this collection of injury stabilising equipment. Not only does it provide comfort to patients in their hour of need, but it also makes the task of providing care more manageable for the medical responder. If you need medical splints, Midmed can help. To find out more, get in touch with our friendly team. Get started by browsing our collection.

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