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Securement Devices

Hospitals and medical clinics need securement devices to ensure equipment is safely positioned on patients. This minimises unnecessary movement and helps to reduce the chance of catheters and tubes being dislodged. Equipment that is not properly secured poses serious risks to patients as well as all those working in the area. Midmed has a wide range of securement devices available. Each one is designed for unique purposes to suit the needs of patients and staff. Our Mask-It Eye Patch is a monocular device that's much simpler to use, cheaper and more efficient compared to other options. Specially designed for eye tests, the paper sticker can be used on both eyes and then disposed of. We have three tube holders. The endotracheal tube holder is easy to secure and has a cushioned neckband for comfort. It's also simple to reposition for easy access to the mouth. The tracheostomy tube holder eliminates frustrations associated with twill ties and the 2-piece adjustable neckband can be adjusted to fit adult, bariatric, infant and pediatric patients. Lastly, the nasogastric tube holder contours to the nose and is ideal for nasogastric feeding and aspiration tubes and feeding catheter tubes. Leading into catheter solutions, we also have adhesive patches for arm and leg catheters. They are made from soft and stretchy material that distributes compression evenly around the area. For prominent bony areas like the back of the hand or forearm, we have IV-Armor. The flexible protective overlay reduces the chance of infection, movement of the catheter and reduces the risk of kinking. To find out more about our securement devices, get in touch with our friendly team. Get started by browsing our collection.

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