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Emergency and Pre-hospital Care

When seconds can be critical – you need medical supplies that are fast, effective and direct. Midmed can help find them. Midmed has been one of Australia's leading emergency medical suppliers for over 20 years. We're proudly Australian owned and operated and dedicated to connecting our customers with the best medical products available on the market. We work with hospitals, EMS and military sectors across Australia. By partnering with Midmed, you'll enjoy personalised customer service that doesn't exist anywhere else. Get equipped to deal with a worst-case scenario with Midmed today.

There's No Room For Malfunction In An Emergency

In a country that's had its fair share of natural disasters, the importance of high-quality emergency medical supplies cannot be understated. The cost of a malfunction could mean someone's life. We source all of our products from trusted European and American medical brands. This means they have proven to be safe and effective by the world's strongest medical regulations. Get prepared before the emergency strikes with Midmed. Our website helps you order everything you need all from the comfort of your desk. As you start exploring, you'll discover in-depth descriptions and video demonstrations that explain the features and benefits of products. ​If you have any questions, our amazing team is filled with knowledgeable and friendly staff who are ready to help. Our national service network is connected to every major city in Australia, including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. Once you place an order, a notification will be sent to our stockroom and it will ship straight to your door.

Stock Up Your Emergency Kit

After all our years in the healthcare industry, we know where to find high quality emergency medical supplies for the most competitive price. Whether you are preparing for a flood disaster or responding to a violent gathering, we have everything you need. We have specialised EMS supplies for wound care, infection prevention, supply storage, patient management, patient transfer and other accessories. Our extensive range includes suction units, valuables storage, aid kits, bleeding control dressing, evacuation sleds, splints and triage packs.

Get Your Medical Centre Equipped Today

Midmed is a leading emergency medical supplies provider that can prepare you for when a crisis happens. Now with an expansive product range online, it's easy to source all your pre-hospital products from one place. Get started by browsing our collection.

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