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Medical Bag Supplies & Kits: Prepare For Any Emergency

We aim to deliver healthcare providers with a comprehensive range of medical bag supplies and emergency kits. The goal is to ease the extreme physical and mental burden often placed on EMS providers in high casualty disaster situations. From triage cards to equipment bags and casualty tags, we’ve covered everything you’ll need in high-pressure emergencies. In Australia, emergency situations can be as diverse as responding to natural disasters or aiding mass gathering events. EMS providers and the communities they serve need a selection of accessible, easy-to-use, multi-purpose equipment on hand at all times. This will ensure the patients can be managed effectively and care is delivered where it's needed most. Our range includes a quick and simple triage bag for triage treatment and tracking,  allowing the responder to rank casualties quickly without losing information.  The Smart MCI bag™ is an all-inclusive emergency kit that provides the perfect base for your medical responders, capable of treating up to 80 casualties. SmartSAFE™ valuable storage bags are durable with a unique barcode tracking system. This ensures the patient’s belongings are returned to them safely after they’ve been treated. When you need an extremely well-organised solution for bulk storage and rapid deployment of medical equipment, SMART™ Stor-It Reflective Storm Bag is the answer. Stack multiple units and divide contents into high visibility sections. Midmed stock a range that thoroughly addresses all the needs of the medical profession’s highly valued EMS workers. And while these products do cover a diverse range of needs, they all share one common trait: saving valuable time. Time is precious in every emergency. That’s why you need the best resources available, every second of every minute. Streamline and simplify your disaster management efforts with Midmed’s invaluable range of emergency medical bag supplies. Get started by browsing our collection.

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