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Curtains & Wall Displays

Privacy curtains are a neat and simple way of partitioning areas throughout health care facilities. These curtains provide patients with a semi private space that helps maintain dignity and modesty. While fabric curtains are widely used, the risk of secondary infections spreading from handling by staff and visitors has made disposable curtains a viable alternative. Fabric curtains also require higher maintenance and regular laundering. Evidence shows that disposable microbial hospital privacy curtains play an important role in reducing environmental contamination. They are also highly adaptable — the curtain hook design is fully compatible with established popular tracks —  so they can be hung in any area where conventional fabric curtains have been used. The EcoMed curtain weighs far less than a conventional curtain, assisting with a quick and easy installation, typically completed in under 60 seconds. Areas and situations that are ideal for the use of these curtains include:
  • Trauma centres
  • Isolation rooms
  • Intensive care units
  • Emergencies (pandemic or natural disaster preparedness)
  • Endoscopy centres
  • General Ward Areas

EcoMed Disposable Hospital Curtains

EcoMed disposable hospital curtains are treated with 3rd generation Ultra-Fresh built-in microbial protection that is nontoxic, non-bleaching and non-depleting, helping prevent hospital-acquired infections. The antibacterial agent is built into the polymer structure of the curtain fabric and is effective for the lifetime of the curtain, which is 2 years. They’re also fully capable flame retardants and complies with British, American and Australian standards for conventional polyester cubical curtains so they’re safe on every level. Made from 100% non-woven polypropylene at a thickness of 100gsm makes them 100% recyclable, nonclinical waste. The antibacterial agent is distributed evenly throughout the curtain and is effective for the lifetime of the curtain.  After their two-year life, your EcoMed curtains can be disposed of safely without harming the environment. Polypropylene has:
  • One of the lowest impacts on the environment of any material
  • Chemical and thermal resistance
  • Full recyclability
  • Moisture and oxygen barrier
Curtains play a role in any clinical situation whether it is decreasing the risk of infection, improving the mood of a patient by transforming a cold clinical space to a warmer, more welcoming one, or providing a space to maintain a patient’s dignity. The benefits of the EcoMed disposable curtain are clear.

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