Fluid Warming

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Fluid Warming

Fluid warming is a vital part of an intravenous (IV) setup. Studies show infusing IV fluids warmed to body temperature improves patient comfort compared to standard, room temperature IV fluids. Midmed has high-performance fluid warmers suitable for any medical department.

QinFlow Warrier

The QinFlow Warrier is designed for emergency departments, trauma units and integrated healthcare systems. Nurses and doctors will appreciate the non-comprising warming performance, simplicity of operation and seamless transition between AC and battery modes.

QinFlow Warrier Lite

The QinFlow Warrier Lite delivers similar performance in a compact and light design. This smaller fluid warmer is designed for weight constrained rescue gears, first responders, and critical care transports. It has field-proven technology and affordable consumables that make it practical for outdoor situations.

LifeBox Medical Box

The LifeBox is designed for first responders who needs to transport temperature sensitive items without having to worry about a heavy, tethered powered unit. Within the main compartment, it can hold six 1-litre packages of IV solution, whilst maintaining its core temperature during the most extreme conditions. This performance is enabled through superior insulation and combined with rugged cases for protection. Also comes equipped with a digital thermometer display, for payload temperature monitoring, and is solar/battery powered. At Midmed, we believe providing the best care to patients requires high-quality medical supplies. That's why we offer high-quality fluid warmers that you can trust to protect your most important packages. Get started by browsing our collection.

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