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Treatment Chairs

Midmed, a trusted supplier of medical furniture for hospitals and clinics, stocks a wide variety of treatment chairs. Treatment chairs are required for delivering high-quality patient care, as well as providing comfort and convenience when performing procedures. Midmed has a diverse range of medical furniture that meets these requirements and more. These chairs are designed to give patients a sense of security. They are built for hospital use during assessment, diagnosis, care and treatment. Materials include durable epoxy steel and antibacterial upholstery. This provides them with a long term life expectancy in hospital environments and makes them extremely easy to clean. We have multi-use chair designs as well as purpose-built models for podiatry, blood sampling, transportation and bariatrics. Others can be used for upper body focused procedures in audiology, ophthalmology, dental surgery, general practice, as well as the cosmetic field. Each chair has its own set of specialised features. Key features include a rotating base, supportive armrests and anatomical headrest. Their ergonomic shape helps patients stay comfortable and relaxed during procedures. All this, delivered with excellent value for money. To find out more about our treatment chairs, get in touch with our friendly team. Get started by browsing our collection.

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