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Mortuary Equipment

Mortuary equipment is an essential element when it comes to caring for patients safety and dignity. Midmed carries a range of mortuary equipment for hospitals, including mortuary refrigeration units and mortuary trolleys. Bariatric options are available.

Mortuary Refrigeration Units

Our Mortuary refrigeration units are engineered to store patients in medical environments. They are Australian designed and manufactured to give the advantages of modern frost-free refrigeration and automatic temperature control. Ensure hygiene at clinical level with stainless steel cabinet and stretcher, as well as germicidal ultraviolet lighting. Additional features include a concealed door hinge system, polypropylene Glide Rollers, power fail alarm with battery backup and waste fitting for hosing out.

Mortuary Trolleys

Mortuary trolleys are designed for the transportation of cadavers to and from the mortuary unit for placement or viewing. Features include a canopy and canopy framer with a weight capacity of 273kg, four-corner braking system for manoeuvrability and stability, zero clearance full length side rails, wraparound bumper and electric lifts. Get started by browsing our collection.

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